Tactile transducers are like speakers, but instead of sending sound waves into the air via a speaker cone, the transducer sends sound vibrations directly into a surface it’s attached to.  Beds, chairs, dance floors are all great places to attach transducers, also known as Bass Shakers.

There is a stationary voice coil and a magnet connected to a a flexible support.  When sound is transmitted to the transducer, it shakes to the frequency of the music.

Tactile transducers can be used for a range of effects.  They are used in flight and driving simulators to make it feel realistic.  The rumble of the road or feeling of turbulence in the air will feel exhilarating with the addition of transducers. Bass shakers are often used in home theaters to give a rumbling feeling in your seat.
Typically, subs and bass shakers are wired mono.  That means the left and right channels are combined into one mono signal.  We realized that with two separate points of vibration, amazing effects can be felt in your body. So we designed a special two channel amplifier that sends only bass frequencies to the transducers.  The Vibroluxe wave massage app uses this stereo effect to help you relax and focus while sitting at your desk. Plug in headphones and you will hear and feel music like never before.
Vibroluxe products take tactile transducers to the next level for enjoying music, meditation, and sound wave massage.
Find your frequency, tune in, and vibe out.