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The Power of Vibration

What if you could experience music and sound in a different way? What if you could literally feel musical vibrations in every part of your body?  Vibroluxe technology brings a new way to experience sound which opens a vast world of enjoyment within your physical self. We are dedicated to enriching your life through vibration.

Everything in this world is vibrating.  From the the smallest particle to the largest planet, all things have a vibrational frequency. Vibroluxe technology harnesses the power of vibration for relaxation and enjoyment in your home. We combine cutting edge vibrational technology with hand crafted design to bring the ultimate sound experience you can feel.


An Innovative Day Bed

The Vibroluxe Vibrobed is an innovative day bed, which doubles as a couch.  When you connect your phone via Bluetooth it becomes an amazing sound system that transmits musical vibrations directly into your body.  The Vibroluxe app for iphone will generate an amazing adjustable wave massage that you can feel throughout your whole body. This is a new dimension to listening to music, which must be experienced!

The Vibrobed features stereo transducers, a four point stereo speaker array, headphone amp, 1/8 auxiliary input, and usb charging port.  The Vibrobed is plug and play, no extra equipment required.

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Vibrobed 5000

The Power of 5

The Vibroluxe Vibrobed 5000 is a queen sized bed featuring a 5 point vibrating surround sound system using a computer and 5 channel audio interface.  This bed can also be operated in stereo mode utilizing bluetooth connection.  Vibrobed 5000 brings relaxation, pleasure, and entertainment to the bedroom.

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A Portable Vibrating Massage Table

A portable vibrating massage table with integrated amplifier system.  Vibetable connects to your phone via Bluetooth and delivers vibrations to the body via a stereo transducer array installed under the cushion.  This portable table also has stereo speakers installed and has an onboard headphone amp.  Vibetable requires no additional equipment and delivers an amazing wave massage using the Vibroluxe iphone app.

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Vibroluxe App for iPhone

Vibroluxe app is a tone generator designed to work with the Vibroluxe Vibrobed, or any other stereo tactile surface. This app creates a vibrational wave massage when used with proper hardware. You can adjust the volume, frequency and wave speed to personal preference. There is also a timer for those who wish to fall asleep to the relaxing waves of the Vibroluxe.

This app is designed specifically for the Vibroluxe Vibrobed, and will also work with any other stereo tactile system via Bluetooth or 8th inch stereo connector.

The Vibroluxe bed has revolutionized my life! I have never fallen asleep so quickly, or consistently, it helps rid me of anxiety and physical pain, and is great for meditation!

Natasha Agrama – Jazz Artist, @NatashaFAgrama

I switch on Vibroluxe when I’m tired or down and my stress melts away…I become calm in my body and revitalized for whatever is next, be it sleep, work or play.
And when it’s play, Vibroluxe adds a unique and extra rockin’ time to any party sound system experience!

Roxanne Malcom – Clinical Herbalist, Elegant Alchemy

“Vibrobed has given me a major breakthrough in the sleep-restoration-healing process. It is a real game changer in an era of emergent technological innovation. My biology is truly grateful!!”

E Raymond Brown – Author, Filmaker, @ERaymondBrown

“The most relaxing, calming apperatus I’ve ever experienced.”

Carmen Barika, @eyeoncarmen

“The Vibrobed is the most comfortable bed ever! We suspect we now have superpowers!”

Eli, AirBnB guest



David Sampson has worked as professional guitarist for the last 25 years.

He began playing Jazz music in Chicago, notably touring the world with organist Charles Earland.

Currently, Sampson is part of Actor/Comedian/Musician Craig Robinson’s band called The Nasty Delicious.

Sampson is a lifelong fitness adept, and has practiced Qi Gong since 2006.

Throughout his life, Sampson has built, and fixed all things big and small. His skills of audio engineering, electronic design and carpentry have come together in the form of Vibroluxe.