• A deepened meditation

  • Enhance physical recovery

  • Access slower brainwave states to improve sleep and relaxation

  • Shift frequencies with sound

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Sacred harmony, ancient solfeggio, 432, 528. These are all concepts that are bubbling up in the consciousness of truth seeking people. Using bass frequencies felt in your body will enhance your experience with mediation and other sound healing modalities. The Vibrochair is an incredible tool to enter the world of sound, sound healing, meditation and expanded consciousness. You will become more tuned into all frequencies around you and you will begin to understand how harmony and resonance operate in your own body and in the world.

What Makes the Vibrochair Different

Lifetime Chair Warranty

Partially Assembled

Made in the USA

The Vibrochair

  • Patented Bluetooth Multi-Dimensional Sound-Wave Technology

  • SITMATIC Ergonomic Design

  • 6-Way Adjustable for Maximum Comfort and the Best Posture

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Fans of Vibrochair

“The Vibrochair is unlike any chair I have experienced before. It truly is an EXPERIENCE. Because I often sit for extended periods of time, the Vibrochair helps alleviate my inevitable mid-day lower back pain while the wave massage offers an outlet for meditation and relaxation throughout the day. The Vibrochair is awesome to use when listening to music. The sound system creates a really fun, engaging way to listen and feel music, especially songs with a good beat. It’s an instant mood boost for me.”

Jessica Moose
Program Director

“It was a truly sensational event, feeling the sound of the game around you, each shot fired or grenade detonated was also felt in the chair and created a truly one of a kind immersive experience. Also, the chair itself is very comfortable.”

Shawn R.

“The Vibroluxe app helps me remember to relax and breathe when at my desk.”

Jim Malcolm

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